You Can Buy a New Rolls-Royce for $8800*

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How many times have you pulled up to a polo match or regatta or Friends of Liechtenstein Benefit Polo Match/Regatta and immediately turned around and gone home because you had nowhere to sit?

Sure, it’s not like there weren’t chairs, but even the nicer Zambezi teak ones at the Newport Most Dangerous Game Hunt were probably rented from some atrocious event planner who’d used them just the week before at the Greenwich Submarine Auction. Imagine who’d sat in them? Could have been someone with a net worth of less than 10 digits, and it’s entirely possible that sort of condition might be contagious. But what are you going to do, trudge in with your own collapsible nylon chair from Dick’s Sporting Goods and claim you’ve gone bohemian? The Prince of Upper Hälsingland knows you better than that, and there’s no way he’s buying it. No, what you need is the Rolls-Royce Pursuit Chair, which is elegant, lightweight, portable, and only costs $8800.

rolls royce folding chair

A parking meter’s rich uncle.


You can order the Pursuit Chair to match your Rolls-Royce, but you don’t have to own a Rolls to buy one. You probably should, though, just to head off the inevitable “Which Rolls-Royces do you own?” questions that will inevitably get tossed your way while you’re minding your own business trying to retrieve your falcon. Regardless, you should say you got the new Rolls Lancelot with a custom Grenadil shooting platform, which is something they only offer to clients who own railroads.

rolls royce flashlight

A flashlight.


As chairs go, the Pursuit Seat is minimalist. It’s essentially a strap of leather on a collapsible aluminum frame that’s fitted to a height-adjustable carbon-fiber pole. The bottom is a “gently flared aluminum ferrule” that’s meant for solid surfaces. To lend purchase on softer terrain, like the tee box on your yacht, there’s a retractible spike at the end of the pole. We imagine that feature could also be useful for popping the gender-reveal balloon for your new Red Tibetan Mastiff, or simply menacing your assistant.

rolls royce folding chair

No, I’m not threatening you. I’m merely showing you the hidden spike at the bottom of my chair.


The Pursuit Seat is designed to fit in the Cullinan’s “recreation module” (the storage compartment under the rear cargo floor) but can also, like your enemies, be thrown in the trunk of any old Rolls. There’s a slender pocket on the leather seat, suitable for stashing tickets or cash or even more cash, and the seat’s hinge conceals a flashlight—very key if you’re not often awake during the daylight hours.

rolls royce folding chairs in cullinan

Say hello to my little chairs!


So often, we plead with companies to give us the products we want, and our petitions fall on deaf ears. It’s nice to know that Rolls-Royce, at least, is listening.

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