What We’d Buy with $1,000,000: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Last week, we set our sights on the very real task of finding the most reliable car possible for $5000, but this week’s challenge is rooted in fantasy. For our 34th episode, we decided to ask the Window Shop crew to show us which cars they’d buy if they won the lottery and suddenly had $1,000,000 to burn.

Not surprisingly, the challenge was met with a lot of Italian exotics of different vintages but also one very curious and rare Gumpert Apollo, a mid-engine supercar that contributing editor Jonathon Ramsey selected. It turns out Ramsey has actually driven one and knows quite a bit more about the beast—and its Audi RS6–sourced engine—than the rest of the crew. Undaunted, we pick apart his choice of supercar, discover it can get stuck on a speed bump, and then question if it’s even street legal.

With John Pearley Huffman out for the week, we invited contributor Scott Oldham to spend an imaginary million dollars with us. He picked a Ferrari worthy of the Cannonball Run. Senior editor Joey Capparella also went with a Ferrari but his is more modern and has over $60,000 worth of options.

Capparella and Oldham aren’t the only two editors to think alike. Deputy testing director K.C. Colwell and I both landed on iconic Lancias. And unlike Ramsey’s Apollo, you can definitely drive either of these rally cars on the street.

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