The Best of 10Best: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Last week, we revealed our 10Best picks for 2021, which got us thinking about the history of the competition. We challenged the Window Shop crew to look at every winner since 1983 and pick their favorite. If you’ve watched this show before, it won’t surprise you that we all chose different cars since we rarely agree with one another about anything.

We invited former editor-in-chief and now contributor Csaba Csere along for this one. Csere attended every 10Best event from 1983 until just a few years ago. With performance and value on his mind, he puts up a 2005 Chevrolet Corvette (C6). Thinking along the same lines as Csere, contributor Jonathon Ramsey picks a fifth-generation Vette, but we can’t understand why he chose the garish Indy 500 pace-car version.

The other three choices come from Germany and trigger digressions about such things as the model names of Blaupunkt radios, how to reset the trip odometer in the Porsche 944’s interior, and why Car and Driver uses the term “naturally aspirated” instead of “normally aspirated.” If you watch to the end—or just skip ahead—you’ll see a rare consensus when we select the best of 10Best.

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