Tesla Model S loses its roof in China, Tesla responds

Video footage shows the glass roof of the electric car flying into oncoming traffic.

Footage of a Tesla Model S allegedly losing its roof on a freeway has been captured by a dashcam in China, making it the second Tesla vehicle in two months (that we know of) to lose the crucial element while on the road.

In the latest video – which was originally posted to Chinese social networking site Weibo before being shared on Reddit – a Model S can be seen speeding down the right lane of a freeway on November 22, before its glass roof breaks free and flies toward the cars behind.

Thankfully, it appears no one was injured in the incident.

According to a user on the Tesla Motors Reddit page, Tesla Support China allegedly responded to the video and blamed a third-party shop for the issue.

“We have made contact with the owner immediately to resolve the issue,” Tesla Support China said, according to screenshots obtained by InsideEVs.

“Upon initial investigation, said vehicle has been to an authorised third-party shop for a roof glass replacement. We’re unsure of the cause and currently investigating further.”

In October 2020, Twitter user owner Nathaniel Chien shared a video of the roof on his parents’ Tesla Model Y allegedly separating from the rest of the car while they were driving along a freeway in California – only two hours after they had taken delivery of the car.

Mr Chien claimed he and his parents immediately returned the car to the dealership and asked for a replacement.

Tesla is yet to officially respond to Mr Chien’s video, while CEO Elon Musk did not reply to his tweet asking for an explanation.

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