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2012-15 Infiniti Q70 / M recalled for propeller shaft fault

A total of 59 sedans recalled for a faulty propshaft, which could crack over time, snap and prevent the vehicle from moving. Nissan Australia has recalled 59 examples of the 2012-15 Infiniti Q70 – also

Production Nissan 400Z patent renderings unearthed

It’s always disappointing when a beautiful concept gets watered down for the production version. However, with the seventh-generation Nissan Z, tentatively called the 400Z, that appears not to be the case. Images discovered in a

Tested: Seven 2004 $35K Manual Sedans Compared

From the March 2004 issue of Car and Driver. Anyone looking at the Ferrari Enzo or Porsche Carrera GT might be forgiven for wondering just where you’d exploit that kind of performance, assuming you actually

Would You Rather: Which Cars Are You More Excited About in 2021?

Nissan Last year was full of new-car debuts, which included rebirths of rivalries—and some new ones—and everything from electric pickups to rear-wheel-drive sports cars with manual transmissions (#SavetheManuals). We can’t wait to get behind the

Tested: 1991 BMW M5 Is Almost Perfect

From the July 1990 issue of Car and Driver. This litigious society of ours puts warn­ing labels on everything from lawn mow­ers to baby toys. So we suggest one for the windshield, near the driver’s

Tested: Eight-Way 2005 Luxury Sports Sedan Showdown

From the May 2005 issue of Car and Driver. Okay, so that MBA and all the hard work paid off. There’s the renovated farmhouse in the country, the wine cellar that is notable for not

Every car leaving the Australian market in 2020

All the models that will disappear from local showrooms over the coming year, or have left us in recent months. It was a big year for automotive in 2020, with the exit of Holden, the

2021 Lexus LS500’s Edgy Styling Belies Its Soft Side

Large sedans are disappearing from some luxury brand lineups. Cadillac’s CT6 and Lincoln’s Continental are on their way out, while the Q70 was culled from Infiniti’s showrooms after the 2019 model year. With the Acura

Watch Nissan’s Design Boss on Road & Track’s ‘Inside Track’ Series

The next episode of Inside Track, Road & Track’s virtual Q&A series, is coming soon, and we’re excited to announce that the guest for Episode 7 is Nissan’s senior vice-president of global design, Alfonso Albaisa.

Nissan Note Is the Cooler Versa Hatch We Won’t Get in the U.S.

Nissan has revealed a new version of the Note hatchback for the Japanese market. The Note was previously sold in the U.S. as a hatch version of the subcompact Versa. We don’t expect the new