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With the Toyota Prius dead, we remember the hybrids history forgot

With the humble Toyota Prius dropped from sale, we go over the hybrids left behind by history. 07:00, 15 May 2022 0 View 24 images <button class="navigation_glide__arrow__je__h navigation_glide__arrow–left__y3DP1 navigation_glide__arrow–inactive__H6d8_" data-glide-dir="|Previous“>Next In a sad turn of events,

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Interior Review | Jeep is a real luxury brand now

For a brand that took off with bare-bones military vehicles, it’s pretty wild to think that Jeep is also now a genuine competitor to the likes of Cadillac, Lincoln and Audi among many others. Yes,

2022 Lexus RX Review | Smooth, quiet and well-built for mass appeal

The 2022 Lexus RX has been a long-running and well-liked premium crossover. Currently in its fourth generation, the design has gotten considerably more avant-garde in its styling, though we’ve now had plenty of time to

Best new car deals in America: January 2022

Sales of new cars, trucks and SUVs have been drastically affected over the past few years due to the (still) ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The market started to show signs of recovery toward the end of 2020

2022 Infiniti QX50 starts at $40,025

Infiniti upped prices on the 2022 QX50, but at least some of the MSRP increase goes toward new features. Nissan’s luxury arm made ProPilot Assist standard for all five trims, the driver assistance suite includes

All the weird ways you can shift an automatic

Transmission shifters have come in all shapes, sizes and locations since the beginning of time. Even manual transmissions could be had with shifters on the steering column (“three on the tree”) in addition to the

Finding the Perfect Cars for Ride Sharing: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Thinking about getting into the ride-share business? Well, this week’s Window Shop is the one for you. A reader asked us to look for the perfect car for Uber or Lyft and set a $15,000

2022 Infiniti QX60

Overview Infiniti’s mid-size three-row QX60 is all new for the 2022 model year and aims to move significantly up-market to win the hearts of premium-SUV buyers. Previewed by the QX60 Monograph concept, the 2022 QX60’s

2023 Nissan Z is revealed with two turbos, 400 horsepower and six manual gears

After a 12-year wait, the seventh-generation Nissan Z is finally here, and it looks like it’ll be the Japanese sports car enthusiasts have been clamoring for. Unlike the Miata, it’s got plenty of power. Unlike


400-HP 2023 Nissan Z Puts the Toyota Supra on Notice

The new Z—it has no numbers in its name this time—will cost about the same as the 2003 350Z (adjusted for inflation, of course) and rides on the same wheelbase as the 2020 370Z. But