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25 Years of Drive: Bugatti Veyron, first Australian drive

06:25, 29 December 2021 View 13 images Story originally published 29 March, 2006 You know a car is fast when the valet key “limits” the vehicle’s top speed – to 375 km/h. Imagine the owner: “There

Hellcat Production is Sadly Going to End in 2023: Report

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver Dodge is ending production of the Hellcat in 2023, according to a report from Motor Authority. A Stellantis spokesperson contacted by Car and Driver declined to comment. The Hellcat supercharged 6.2-liter

Portland gets a little less weird as it takes down Merge Simpson sign

Portland never disappoints. An anonymous someone recently took advantage of a growth of ivy on a pole at the top of an I-405 onramp, and added a sign beneath it that said “Merge Simpson.” As

12 More Stickers to Personalize Your Car

Car stickers are a cheap and easy way to add some personal flair to your ride. You can slap them on the dashboard, bumpers, windows—wherever. There are tons out there, so you won’t have to

DRIVEN: 2021 Toyota Sienna Platinum AWD

Forget everything you know, or think you know, and particularly everything you ridicule, about mid-sized passenger vans, or as they used to be called, Minivans.  And let’s dispense with all the not very witty cuticisms


Every Honda CR-V Hybrid Comes with a Fart Joke in Its VIN

Austin IrwinCar and Driver We spotted this pretty amusing Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on our long-term Honda CR-V Hybrid. That led us to wonder, did Honda do that for fun or was it an accident?

How Dale Earnhardt Could Have Survived Daytona 500 Crash

Seven-time NASCAR Cup champion Dale Earnhardt, approaching 50, died of a basal skull fracture in the last turn on the last lap of the Daytona 500, 20 years ago this month. Now, HANS inventor Jim

Tested: Five 1992 4WD Minivans vs. Alaska’s Dalton Highway

From the March 1992 issue of Car and Driver. Alaskan’s advice on driving the Dalton Highway in November: “Take spare windshields and tires. Take money. Take colorful clothes you can spread on the tundra to

John Paul Jr., Auto-Racing Champion, Dies at 60

Professional racer John Paul Jr. died Tuesday at 60, after a long battle with Huntington’s disease. This profile of his life and his complex relationship with his father, John Paul Sr., originally appeared in the

Clamp down on personalised plates that promote speed – UPDATE

Authorities are clamping down on personalised plates, after reports of some examples being cancelled and other applications denied. UPDATE – 18 December 2020: VicRoads has returned ‘WEPN’ number plates back to owner Peter Hansen following