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Survey: Delivery Drivers Admit They’re Judging You

Online ordering seems so easy—and in recent years, so essential: you tap a few buttons, type in a few words, and food or a new gadget arrives at your door. But the story behind that

2022 Isuzu MU-X LS-T v Ford Everest Sport comparison

13:00, 19 April 2022 Holidaying here this year? These two go-anywhere large off-road SUVs have you covered. But does the segment darling Ford Everest still stack up against newer competition from the Isuzu MU-X? View 68

Best new car deals in America: January 2022

Sales of new cars, trucks and SUVs have been drastically affected over the past few years due to the (still) ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The market started to show signs of recovery toward the end of 2020

It’s not just car buyers effected by shortages, it’s the entire global economy

We’ve done lots of reporting about how parts shortages, particularly semi-conductor chips, and the coronavirus pandemic have been reducing the number of new cars being built. As a result, there are fewer cars from which

Max Verstappen wins F1 U.S. Grand Prix, extends title chase lead

AUSTIN, Texas — Max Verstappen held off Formula One title rival Lewis Hamilton over the final thrilling laps of the U.S. Grand Prix on Sunday to win his eighth race of the season and double

Truck delivers ‘funeral home’ reverse psychology to the unvaccinated

The sides of the black truck cruising downtown Charlotte, N.C., on Sunday offered contrarian advice to NFL fans headed to the game between the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints: “Don’t get vaccinated.” That’s a message

Toyota cuts production target by 300,000 vehicles due to parts and chips shortages

TOKYO – Toyota cut its annual production target by 300,000 vehicles on Friday as rising COVID-19 infections slowed output at parts factories in Vietnam and Malaysia, compounding a global shortage of auto chips. “It’s a

How one Covid case broke Toyota’s just-in-time supply chain

Early last month at a sprawling factory on the highway connecting Hanoi to the port city of Haiphong, a single worker tested positive for Covid-19. The Delta variant was spreading swiftly through the Southeast Asian

U.S. traffic deaths jumped 10.5% in early 2021

WASHINGTON — U.S. traffic deaths rose by 10.5% in the first three months of 2021, even though the number of miles driven fell by 2.1%, preliminary data show. Traffic deaths have risen dramatically after coronavirus

Ford delays a return to offices, weighs vaccine mandate

DETROIT — Ford Motor Co will delay bringing most workers back to offices until January, and is still considering whether to require employees to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, the company’s chief people officer told