Start-up brand Elation previews Freedom hypercar

It claims it will be the first brand to hand-make a ‘luxury, electric hypercar’ in America.

American-based start-up Elation has previewed its Freedom hypercar.

According to its website, Elation was founded by South American pair Carlos Satulovsky, and Mauro Saravia.

The duo met in their native country of Argentina in 1985, and had originally planned to build an ultra-light airplane facility. This plan was abandoned due to unrest in the nation.

According to LinkedIn, Satulovsky moved to America and became a pilot, whereas Saravia forged a career in the South Americas as a race engineer and designer for numerous motorsport outfits.

In 2014, the pair reunited in the US to form Elation hypercars.

Shown in rendered images only, the brand states the Freedom will be the first “purist, luxury, electric hypercar handmade in America”.

Elation states the Freedom is built on an in-house carbon-fibre chassis, which features a double wishbone front suspension design, and horizontally-aligned rear pushrod system.

Its battery pack forms a T-shaped spine through the centre of the platform, that’s integrated into the structure.

A trio of electric motors provides power, and according to the brand, will be offered in two states of tune: 1000kW, or 1400kW. Power is transmitted to both a single-speed gearbox at the front, and a proprietary two-speed unit at the back.

The brand claims wild performance figures: 0-100km/h in just 1.8secs, and an electronically-limited top-speed of 418km/h.

Electric range depends on which battery pack is selected. According to Elation, it will offer a 100kWh item with an estimated 482km of range, or a 120kWh battery with an estimated 644km of range.

Interestingly, Elation also states it plans to build an extremely-limited number of its Freedom hyper car, called the ‘iconic collection’, with an Audi-sourced V10 internal combustion engine and Audi s-tronic automatic gearbox.

Price is expected to start from US$2 million. The brand makes no mention of when its first production car will be built.

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