Rivian reveals all the R1T’s colors and trim-level details

Rivian just made another little splash by publishing more information about the packaging and timing for its R1T pickup and R1S SUV. Dates for the configurator opening up were also revealed. Those who preordered one will be allowed to configure their R1T or R1S on Nov. 16 through special early access. The general public will be allowed into the configurator Nov. 23.

Rivian didn’t say it, but this will likely ensure the configurator won’t crash and burn from too much traffic right away like we’ve seen happen for other huge releases (most recently the Bronco). Customers who were especially serious should be able to build away without frustrating outages, which is something we’d appreciate if we spent $1,000 to reserve one.

Beyond the configurator, Rivian announced details surrounding a few of the equipment packages it will be offering. We’ll walk you through them in order of availability. The Launch Edition will (predictably) be coming first — R1T deliveries start June 2021 and R1S deliveries start August 2021. All Launch Edition vehicles will get the “300+” mile battery pack. You won’t be able to get the 400-plus-mile pack until January 2022. Rivian says it’s launching with the mid-tier pack because it offers the best balance of range, performance and price. Though, we’re sure some folks will simply want the best possible battery right away, and Rivian isn’t allowing that.

The Launch Edition will be loaded up with every possible option. Unique features for this trim include Launch Edition interior badging, 20-inch wheels with all-terrain tires or 22-inch wheels with street tires and the ability to spec a “Launch Green” paint. Those wheel and tire options are extra cost on other trim levels. And no, it doesn’t sound like much, but this truck has the same $75,000 price as the Adventure trim that doesn’t have those few extras. The R1S versions cost $77,500, which again, is the same price as the Adventure trim.

Everything on the Adventure is included in the Launch Edition. Adventure trim models will be delivered starting January 2022. This package includes the 300-mile battery pack, off-road upgrade (reinforced underbody protection, dual front tow hooks and air compressor), power tonneau cover, Gear Guard (security monitoring system), perforated vegan leather heated/ventilated seats w/driver and passenger lumbar adjustment, yellow interior accents, recycled microfiber headliner, ash wood interior trim, Chilewich floor mats and premium Rivian Elevation surround sound audio.

Finally, there’s the Explore trim that’s de-contented and cheaper than the top two trims. The R1T version starts at $67,500 and the R1S at $70,000. Explore retains the 300-mile battery pack, swaps to a manual tonneau cover, heated-only vegan leather seats w/driver lumbar adjustment, recycled floor mats, a textile headliner and Rivian’s standard audio system. This trim is available starting January 2022, as well.

Beyond this, Rivian sprinkled some other details into the news drop. Of greatest interest is the “Rivian Driver+” system, which is Rivian’s name for its hands-off driver assistance system. Rivian says it can automatically steer and adjust speed, then change lanes on your command. It will be available to activate on “select highways at launch,” but Rivian doesn’t specify where. You’ll need to still pay full attention to the road, because an interior camera will be monitoring for driver alertness at all times. That’s similar to Cadillac’s Super Cruise driver monitoring tech, a huge plus over Tesla’s Autopilot that doesn’t monitor the driver via a camera system. Rivian’s Driver+ is powered by a total of two redundant computer systems, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 10 exterior cameras, 5 radars and a super precise GPS. The company promises updates and more functionality in time through over-the-air updates.

If you want the cheapest version, 250-mile R1T and R1S models are coming. However, Rivian says it will announce more details about that version after it launches the 400-mile range vehicle in January 2022. That’s a long ways out.

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