Porsche 911 GT2 RS breaks Mount Panorama production car lap record

The lap – set by amateur driver Jeff Morton – shaved more than two seconds off the previous record, held by Bernd Schneider since 2017.

A Porsche 911 GT2 RS has broken the production car lap record at Mount Panorama, with amateur driver Jeff Morton behind the wheel.

The time of 2:14.24 – achieved during a Super Sprint session at the Challenge Bathurst event – shaved more than two seconds of the previous record of 2:16.50, set in 2017 by Bernd Schneider in a Mercedes-AMG GT R.

“I’m extremely happy, the time came pretty easily in the end,” Morton said of the attempt.

“In the first session, I lapped the circuit in 2:15:80, but I was baulked by a slower car in Murray’s Corner. I was elated to achieve the record, but I knew there was more in it and in the second session, once I had some clear track, I was able to do three [sub 2:15:00] laps in a row,” he added.

“The car feels amazing; the handling across the top of the Mountain is awesome and the acceleration out of the corners is phenomenal.”

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