NSW motorists urged to ‘dob in’ drivers breaking the law

Police in NSW want motorists to call Crime Stoppers to notify them of drunk, drug-affected, dangerous and distracted drivers.

Motorists in NSW are being urged to ‘dob in a driver’ under a new initiative from NSW Police and Crime Stoppers.

The new campaign, dubbed ‘The Four Ds’ (drink, drug, dangerous and distracted driving), is asking motorists to be the eyes and ears of Crime Stoppers and the NSW Police over the holiday period and dob in drivers they believe to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or using their mobile phones while behind the wheel.

Motorists and the general public are being asked to call Crime Stoppers to report drivers found flouting the law and are being asked to provide any information such as time, date, location and car registration number as well as handing over any dash-cam footage to support their claims.

“Keeping the public safe is our top priority. We’re asking for you to help us protect yourselves, loved ones and the community on NSW roads. If you see or know anyone who is drink, drug, dangerous or distracted driving, please report it to Crime Stoppers and we will investigate,” said Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Assistant Commissioner Karen Webb. “The more information we can glean, the more helpful that might be.

“Our message to motorists breaking the law is clear: Someone is watching you now and you will get caught.”

People are being asked to contact Crime Stoppers to report anyone driving dangerously, using a mobile phone, or potentially under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If this situation is deemed an emergency, then the public is being urged to call Triple-0.

Crime Stoppers NSW CEO, Peter Price AM, said: “Never before have we asked the community to report these crimes and Crime Stoppers NSW is the first, not only in Australia, but around the world, to initiate this campaign.

“This is one of the most important campaigns we have ever embarked upon. These traffic issues are an offence and these offences often lead to innocent people being injured or killed which is absolutely devastating for their families,” said Mr Price.

“We are counting on the community’s strong relationship with us to contact Crime Stoppers and make our roads safer for everyone.”

According to latest data, 280 people have been killed on NSW roads between January 1 and November 26, with speed a factor in 28 per cent of fatalities, drugs a factor in 20 per cent while alcohol factored in 16 per cent of road deaths.

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