New kit allows old Minis to be converted to electric power

The trend of converting classic cars to electric power continues, with this kit designed for the original Mini.

Owners of the original Mini can now convert their vehicles to a fully-electric powertrain.

British company Swindon has put together the ‘Swind Classic Mini Kit’ for £42,480 (AU$76,700), which gives the original Mini a range of around 200 kilometres.

The kit comprises an 80kW electric motor – manufactured in-house by Swindon – which helps get the little hatch to 100km/h in around 9.5 seconds.

Buyers can option a 12kWh battery, limited-slip front differential, coolant pump, and a number of other options which make the conversion a straightforward process.

The company first revealed its electric Mini back in late 2019, but the conversion kit has only now become available to purchase on the company’s website for a 25 per cent deposit.

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