Neiman Marcus adds a one-off, $255,000 Bowlus camper to its fantasy gift list

Texas-based luxury retailer Neiman Marcus has published its 2020 Fantasy Gift list, and the flagship item is a travel trailer that’s big enough to live in and more expensive than the average house in the United States. Built by Bowlus, the Endless Highways Performance Edition trailer is marketed as the ultimate recreational vehicle.

Bowlus launched production of an aerodynamic, aluminum-bodied trailer named Road Chief in 1934, two years before Airstream released the Clipper, but it shut down in 1936 after building about 80 campers. Investors resurrected the firm in 2014 to make an updated version of the trailer designed with an unabashed focus on luxury. It’s this version that made the 2020 Fantasy Gift list, and Neiman Marcus is throwing in a few extras.

Limited to a single example, the trailer will come with a retailer-specific coordinating kitchen and table linens, cookware from Abbio kitchen, a dinnerware set for four, various interior accessories (including pillows and a blanket), plus a pair of outdoor seats. The buyer will also have the opportunity to work directly with Geneva Long, the company’s CEO and chief designer, to personalize the seating, the flooring, the bedding, and the awning.

Regardless of the colors chosen, the very shiny camper is equipped with an eight-kilowatt-hour lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack that can be fully charged in about three and a half hours. Bowlus notes the pack can keep a family and their gear juiced up for about two weeks. Built largely by hand, the trailer also offers a stove, several storage cabinets, fold-out tables, a couch, an air conditioning system, and skylights. 

Neiman Marcus priced the Bowlus trailer at $255,000 excluding delivery, sales tax, plus any and all permits that may be required to tow it. It will donate $10,000 to a charity named The Heart of Neiman Marcus, which supports the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Of course, you’ll need a suitably powerful and upmarket vehicle to tow the Endless Highways; it’ll look a little zany hooked to a 1984 GMC Suburban K25 with rust holes big enough to pass an apple through. If you’re looking for ideas, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan has a 7,275-pound towing capacity.

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