Mercedes-Benz Weekender gets a name change, is now the Metris Getaway

Here’s your daily dose of confusion. Mercedes-Benz has quietly changed the name of the Weekender to the Metris Getaway.

We suspected something was off when Mercedes put out a press release for a camper van named the Metris Getaway that looked identical to the Weekender. Surely, Mercedes didn’t intend to sell two factory camper vans with the same features under two different names in the U.S., right? That’d be correct, as a spokesperson quickly informed us that the Metris Getaway is the Weekender. Mystery solved. Maybe Mercedes wants to get away from 2020 just as much as the rest of us.

As for the van, it’s now available to be purchased through Mercedes-Benz dealerships across the country. There is one difference between the Weekender and Getaway, we’ll point out. Initially, Mercedes said it’d be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine. Now, it’s limited to just a 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine. There will be no diesel available.

In case you missed the Weekender’s reveal at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year, below is a quick rundown of the van’s features from our original reveal post.

Mercedes teamed with Ohio-based van expert Driverge Vehicle Innovations to make the Weekender as practical and comfortable as possible. The Weekender seats five adults in its normal configuration, though keep in mind it only sleeps four. The two passengers sleeping under the pop-up top enjoy a two-inch-thick memory foam mattress, three windows to view the scenery through, and USB ports. The ground-level accommodations consist of a rear bench that folds out into a two-person bed. Every Weekender also features a second battery to keep devices and electrical equipment (like exterior lighting) powered up off the grid.

Motorists can choose from a long list of extra-cost upgrades, including built-in solar panels, a better sound system, bug screens, an eight-inch awning, and a pull-out rear kitchen. While the color palette is limited to what Mercedes offers, adventurers who want a custom paint job can choose from 200 available body wraps.

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