Looking for a Christmas treat? Here are five performance vehicles on sale now

Round out 2020 on a high, by treating yourself to a sporty number.

Australia loves a performance car, no questions there. Whether that stems from the tyranny of distance, or our cultural upbringing on Bathurst and V8s, who knows.

What we do know is that we still continue to buy the hotted-up versions of regular cars, alongside a healthy amount of two-door sports cars, too.

This is confirmed, among other ways, by our over-indexing in Mercedes-AMG products. Back in 2018, one-in-five cars sold with a three pointed star also wore an AMG badge. Alongside that, Australia is one of the largest Renault Sport markets on the planet, which says a lot about our car buying habits.

The market is also showing signs of a COVID recovery as of October, down only 1.5 per cent down year-on-year. In September, it was down a huge 20.5 per cent, over the same period.

With that in mind, maybe it’s time to capitalise on a sporty number for Christmas?

If you’re so lucky, read on, as we’ve scoured the market to bring you five excellent performance car deals.

Mini Clubman Cooper S

To those extroverted types, a Mini fits the bill.

Furthermore, its Cooper S range is geared toward those who also like things spicy, on the inside.

With 141kW, 280Nm and a 0-100 time of 7.2 seconds, there’s enough performance to balance thrills against running costs.

If you’re really into driving, you’ll enjoy the lively nature of this powertrain on a back road, too. Our very own Susannah Guthrie had a Cooper S hatch as a long-termer, and praised it for a confidence-inspiring ride.

Couple an undeniably charismatic persona with an all-in-one finance package, makes the discounted Mini range worthy of consideration.

We’re going to single out a deal on a four-door Clubman Cooper S. It’s offered from $173 per week, on a 60-month Mini Flex term. That includes a buy-back option, as well as five-year/80,000km basic servicing and five-year roadside assist, inclusive of the price. The full terms and conditions can be found here.

If this sounds appealing to you, check out some of our content on the Cooper S range.

Renault Megane Sport

As mentioned above, we love a good Renault Sport product here.

Reasons as to why that is are clear – expect a highly-capable chassis that adores a good Aussie back road.

There isn’t much else in the same league as a Renault Sport Megane. There are sharper cars, like the Honda Civic Type R, and arguably more eventful cars, like the Hyundai i30 N, but none strike the balance quite like the Megane does.

On top of being a bag of laughs, its sheet metal is also desirable. It has plenty of kerb appeal – looking expensive, instead of juvenile.

Renault is currently discounting two of its Megane sport models with automatic-transmissions – the RS Sport auto, from $51,990 drive-away, and the RS Cup auto, from $53,990. That’s a saving of $3000 to $4000, depending on the version you choose.

The Sport does offer a more supple ride, but if you’re looking in this segment, you’re likely already thinking about the Cup version. This variant not only packs a stiffened chassis, but also a mechanical LSD, which alone makes the $2000 hike well worth it.

Regardless of what you decide, both are excellent choices. Catch the full details regarding the discount here.

Toyota Supra

Prices of ’90s Japanese performance cars have truly risen beyond comprehension.

True story: an old Toyota Supra can cost you nearly twice as much as a new one. Based on that, why not consider buying a brand new one at half price, then?

Existing stock has entered a runout phase, as the brand prepares to introduce a more powerful Supra in the coming months.

The current Toyota Supra makes 250kW and 500Nm, and is still plenty powerful. The car was developed with BMW, and shares many of its components with the Z4 roadster. Its BMW straight-six engine is buttery smooth, and akin in character to the old Toyota straight-six that powered the previous-generation ‘JZA80’ Supra.

On top of that, it remains as the old car was – exciting. The chassis is well balanced, lively, and easily tolerable as a daily driver, if your situation permits such things.

So, what’s the deal?

No drive-away offers here, just a good, clean finance offer on both the GT, and GTS models: 1.9 per cent comparison rate over a maximum term of 48 months. Full info can be found here.

We recently compared a new Toyota Supra to the older, cult-classic ‘JZA80’ Toyota Supra, made famous by the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Find that comparison, as well as all reviews, below.

Nissan 370Z

Despite being borderline medieval, there’s still something charming about the Nissan 370Z. It packs in those old-school feelings that the mainstream automotive landscape is now almost devoid of.

The first is a high-powered, naturally aspirated engine, and second, as my colleague Rob Margeit put it, is a beautifully-tactile six-speed manual transmission.

The ‘VQ’ engine found in the 370z is an absolute stunner. It puts out a bright, sparkly 245kW, at a height of 7000rpm. It needs a good squeeze in order to make its power, which you’ll find is a good thing.

Most modern, turbocharged engines don’t enjoy a good wringing. In this case, you’re rewarded twice – not just by a crisp, linear power delivery. The tonality of the naturally-aspirated V6 is also a rarity, as its pipes remain uncorrupted, from the cylinder heads, right to the rear bumper.

Nissan is offering the 370Z 50th anniversary edition, with a manual transmission, from $49,990 drive away.

There are other 370Z models on offer too, including an automatic version, as well as a Nismo version.

Out of all, the $50k special edition might be the pick.

Future classic, perhaps? Details on the sale can be found here.

Genesis G70

Family-skewed performance? I’ll sign off on that one.

Genesis is offering a cracking deal on its current G70 range – given that they’re about to launch a facelifted version in the coming weeks.

The deal is a minimum of 15 per cent off existing stock. That says to me: call the dealer, name your price, and go from there.

Full details can be seen here.

We currently have a 3.3-litre V6 turbo, 272kW Sport version in our CarAdvice Sydney garage on a long-term loan.

We’ll be bringing you content on the Genesis G70 over the next coming months, however initial feedback from the Sydney office has been positive.

I’ve spent some time behind the wheel already, and what becomes first apparent is how rear-wheel drive it feels. The tyres squabble for grip when the boot is in, and the back does pivot slightly under pressure, which both make it a hoot.

It’ll keep those rear-wheel-drive aficionado well pleased. Plus, the powertrain is quite savage in terms of torque delivery, and its eight-speed gearbox is well tasked for the job.

A performance family car, at likely more than 15 per cent off. What’s not to like?

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