Lego Technic Jeep Wrangler kit will have you off-roading around your house

Lego is kicking off next year with a slew of automotive kits. The company just announced models of the McLaren Senna GTR and a Ferrari 488 race car. Now it has revealed a Technic kit of the Jeep Wrangler.

At 665 pieces, it’s of a slightly smaller variety than the aforementioned Ferrari 488 or even the Wrangler’s real-life competitor, the Land Rover Defender. It shows in the rather simplistic shape and details. But at $49.99, it’s a more affordable kit than some previous Technic models.

It still has nifty features, too. It has solid front and rear axles like the real thing, and they have quite a bit of articulation. The front wheels steer, and are actuated by buttons on the truck. The hood and doors open up, the seats fold, and the winch is fully functional.

The kit goes on sale on Jan. 1 at the Lego website and at Lego stores. It should also be available at most any toy store that carries Lego kits.

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