Jessi Combs Foundation will award $30,000 in scholarships to women pursuing trade careers

The Jessi Combs Foundation just announced that it will be awarding $30,000 in scholarships to women who are pursuing higher education in a number of trades. Combs, a well-known racer, fabricator, and host of automotive TV shows including Autoblog’s “The List” video series, died in a crash in pursuit of a land-speed record.

Guinness World Records posthumously acknowledged Combs as the world’s fastest woman after she was clocked at an average of 522.783 miles per hour in completed two-way runs before the crash that took her life in August 2019.

A scholarship program was created in her honor to help “the next generation of trailblazing and stereotype-breaking women.”

A total of seven women (in the Instagram post below) will be receiving money this year to pursue careers in welding, fabrication, automotive mechanical/electrical work, metal fabrication, pipefitting and mechanical engineering.

“We are so proud of not only the recipients but every woman that stepped up and applied for this scholarship in Jessi’s name” said Dana Wilke, board member for the Jessi Combs Foundation. “Announcing the 2020 scholarship recipients does not mark the end of our journey with these women, it’s actually the beginning! As an organization we are committed to connecting, supporting and growing this community of like-minded women in the trades and we are thrilled to welcome them to the JCF family.”


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Now and in the future, the driving mission will be to educate, inspire and empower women. Trades like the ones scholarships were just awarded for were important to Jessi, as education in a number of these areas are what afforded her such great opportunity in the world of cars and racing. With the help of these scholarships, this foundation hopes to lift up more women in a space that is historically filled by men. After their education, the foundation hopes to continue to help those by following through to get their first opportunity in their respective fields after getting an education.

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