Jeep confirms the Wrangler will get a Hemi V8

Remember when Jeep sent a shot across the Ford Bronco’s bow by teasing a Wrangler Rubicon 392 “proof of concept” just hours ahead of the reveal of the Blue Oval’s off-road ‘ute? And then a week later when prototypes were spied testing on public roads? Well, now we know it’s coming for real, courtesy of the Instagram post you see below.


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Jeep captioned the teaser video with the words “Get dirty faster.” Clever, eh? Removing any doubt that this is a vehicle headed for production, Jeep added, “Some concepts are so powerful they storm into reality.⁣ Production model shown. Available 2021.⁣” Oh, and the hashtag “NotAConcept.”

We can’t say for sure (yet) what exactly is under the hood of the Wrangler in Jeep’s teaser, but there are some hints. We’ve spent enough time in Dodge products with the company’s supercharged Hellcat engine to rule that out due to the lack of any high-pitched supercharger whine. So we’re gonna go out on a very sturdy limb and assume it’s the same naturally aspirated 6.4-liter engine that Jeep dropped into the Wrangler 392 concept.

We don’t have any other details to share at the moment, so we’ll just leave you with two words: Stay tuned.

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