Honda Launches Used Vehicle Leasing Program in Florida, California

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  • Honda is working with car-leasing platform Fair to allow customers in select markets to lease certified pre-owned vehicles.
  • The program allows customers to have flexible lease terms, including month-to-month agreements, or longer, more traditional term lengths.
  • The pilot program will run for six months, and if successful, could be expanded.

    Honda, in conjunction with the car-leasing platform Fair, has launched a pilot program at six Honda dealerships in southern California and 13 Honda and Acura dealerships in southern Florida to allow potential customers to lease certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. Through the Fair app, customers will be able to select a CPO vehicle, sign for it, and get it delivered.

    The leasing program allows customers to choose either a month-to-month lease term or a longer, more traditional term. Just as all vehicles leased through Fair do, any CPO Honda or Acura leased through the platform comes with routine maintenance, roadside assistance, and a limited warranty which last through the lease term of the vehicle. The flexibility of the lease and the inclusion of the other extras listed are what separate this program from other CPO leasing programs that one-off dealers may currently offer.

    Honda says that the pilot program will run for six months. After that term, the company will assess the popularity of it and decide whether or not to expand it to other dealerships.

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