Hoefele Design makes the Mercedes G-Class even more opulent with ‘coach’ doors

Few cars are as ostentatious as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, or G-Wagen if you prefer. The distinctive shape and its shift from utilitarian off-roader to boulevard cruiser make sure of that. But German customizing company Hoefele Design managed to make the G-Class flashier with the addition of “coach” or “suicide” rear doors.

It’s called the Ultimate HG, and like the low-volume Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition, it swaps the rear doors’ hinge and handle layout. The company did a great job making the conversion look factory. The same type of door handles have been used and they line up nicely with the front handles and chrome trim. We hope the doors close with the same solidity of the factory ones. We also suspect rear seat access is genuinely improved with these doors, since occupants won’t have to clear the wheel arch, and the doors appear to open to nearly 90 degrees.

Hoefele certainly didn’t stop with the doors, as you probably noticed. The Ultimate HG features gigantic 23-inch turbine-style wheels that ensure you won’t be taking this farther off road than your estate’s gravel driveway. It gets a custom front bumper and grille reminiscent of the latest Mercedes-Maybach models, as well as LED running lights on the roof evocative of AMG off-road G-Wagens. Then of course there’s the two-tone paint and electric running boards.

The interior is just as opulent as the exterior. The highlights are the heated, cooled, massaging and reclining rear seats. They’re divided by a custom center console with touchscreen and wireless charging for phones. The entire interior is finished with leather and Alcantara. Even the cargo area gets attention with a piano-black lacquer floor with aluminum accents.

No pricing or availability details were given on the Ultimate HG. We suspect it’s a classic case of “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.” But if you can afford it, it’s probably just a matter of contacting Hoefele to start the purchase and building process.

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