Foose Design ’62 Corvette C1 Build – Client Design Meeting (Part 3)

Take a peek inside this exclusive design meeting with Chip Foose and his client as they review the latest project in the Foose Design shop, a custom ’62 C1 Corvette!

Part 3 in a series of updates!

In this episode, the vehicle owner stops by Foose Design Headquarters for a design meeting. Chip and the client review the current status of the project and discuss changes and upgrades to the grille, side cove, side trim, exhaust cut-outs, rear fender shape and interior! Wheels are just rollers.

Vehicle upgrades:

-Widened Rear Quarters
-LT4 Crate Engine with Whipple Supercharger
-L475E Transmission
-Art Morrison Chassis
-Custom Bumpers
-Fiberglassed Headlight Bezels
-Magnaflow Exhaust System
-Custom Interior
-BASF Glasurit Paint
-One-Off Foose Wheels
-Custom Trim
-Reshaped Rear Fenders

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