Check out that 4×4! Back to The Future Toyota Hilux tribute for sale. UPDATE: Sold and coming to Aus!

Some day Jennifer. Some day…

“Check out that 4×4! That is hot!”

Marty McFly from Back To The Future sure could pick a cool Hilux, and now you can too!

UPDATE, November 7: You’re out of time folks! The Hilux sold for US$36,250 (A$49,945) – which, we have to say, is pretty heavy. BUT, in a really cool and fun twist, the Marty McFly Hilux is coming to Australia! That’s right, the buyer is bringing Hill Valley to our fair shores. Better wake up Jen and check what sleeping bags cost at BCF!

This 1984 Toyota Hilux Xtra Cab has been modified to look like pre time-travel Marty’s dream truck (and post time-travel Marty’s actual truck) and is up for auction on everyone’s favourite late-night wish-list scroller, Bring a Trailer.

No, this one wasn’t delivered new and customised to Hill Valley’s own Statler Toyota dealership, but instead started life as a very modest cream coloured Hilux, sold originally in California in August 1984. In fact, the original advertisement for the car in the local paper is included in the sale.

The current owner has repainted the car black, added the requisite tubular front and rear bars, a rollbar with KC spot and driving lamps, and 15-inch wheels with 31-inch BF Goodrich off-road tyres.

In terms of looking the part of a movie-car tribute, the Hilux has it all, including MCFLY-84 licence plates (not included in the sale), a pair of Nike Air Mag sneakers and what looks like two coats of wax from Biff’s Auto Detailing…

Under the skin, the Toyota has been treated to an Old Man Emu steering stabilizer and a Rancho suspension lift, plus the 2.4-litre 22RE fuel-injected petrol engine has been rebuilt.

Australia never received this engine in the fourth-generation Hilux, instead making do with the smaller 2.0-litre 3Y carburetted petrol in the 4×4 SR5 Xtra Cab, with just 65kW and 155Nm available.

Marty’s truck had 78kW and 185Nm off the lot in 1985, but if he had held out until the 1986 model, the US-market Hilux was offered with a turbocharged 22R-TE with 101kW and 234Nm. Perfect to take up to the lake with a couple of sleeping bags in the back…

As with our other recent movie-car tribute shown on Bring a Trailer, Marty’s Hilux is over 25 years old and as such can be imported and registered as a left-hand-drive vehicle. It might be your best choice as finding an Xtra cab fourth-gen Hilux in Australia, let alone one in decent condition, is a very challenging prospect.

So, if you’re a Back To The Future fan, and want to bid on the ‘other’ famous car from the film series, then the auction is running until Saturday November 7, 2020, and bidding is currently at US$16,500 (A$23,430).

Place a bid. That is unless, you’re chicken?

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