BMW shifts factory production to electric vehicles – report

Traditional combustion engines will be produced in the UK and Austria, as BMW’s German factories focus on electric.

BMW is retooling its factories in Germany to focus on electric vehicles (EVs).

All petrol and diesel combustion engines will be produced at the company’s plants in England and Austria, while its German factories are converted to build EVs and related components, news outlet Reuters reports.

In July 2020, BMW announced it was shifting towards an electric future, with 25 electrified models to be rolled out over the next three years.

“By the end of 2022 all our German factories will make at least one fully electric car,” Milan Nedeljkovic, BMW’s board member responsible for production said of the plan.

All V8 and V12 engines will be built at its production facility in the UK, while all four- and six-cylinder engines will be made in Austria.

BMW’s strategy aligns with the company’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, with salaries of both the board of management and company executives tied to annual CO2 targets.

“We are not just making abstract statements – we have developed a detailed ten-year plan with annual interim goals for the timeframe up to 2030,” said Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management, said earlier this year.

In manufacturing, BMW claims it has reduced the emissions per vehicle produced by more than 70 per cent since 2006, with a further 80 per cent to be cut from its 2019 figures. The remainder of production emissions are to be offset from next year.

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