2022 BMW M2 spy photos show traditional M upgrades

Based on past spy photos, the next-generation BMW 2 Series coupe will be a traditional BMW with old-school proportions and rear-wheel drive. And just as expected, it will continue to have an M version, which we see for the first time in these latest shots. It appears to follow the classic M formula, too, simply pumping up the shape of the base car.

The most obvious sign that this is the M2 actually comes at the back of the car. Replacing the neatly integrated exhaust tips of the regular car are four gaping tailpipes poking out a pair of rectangular cutouts. It looks very much like the exhaust of the M3 and M4. Besides the big exhaust, there seems to be a slightly more pronounced lip spoiler on the trunk lid.

As for the rest of the car, the only other clearly visible changes are around the wheels. The fenders have been flared even further for an aggressive look and to make it easy to fit wide wheels and tires. This example is wearing what looks like production-ready wheels with a mesh or basket-weave inspired design. Behind them are sizable drilled brake rotors and calipers painted in M blue.

We’re expecting the 2 Series to be revealed in time for the 2022 model year. This is in part based on a leaked photo of the car from earlier this year that showed it in production guise. The M version could be revealed a few months after the regular versions. We’re also expecting it to make at least 405 horsepower, the amount made by the current M2 Competition. As the outgoing model used a detuned version of the previous M3 and M4 engine, it would seem logical that the new M2 engine will be a detuned version of the new M3/M4 turbo straight-six. It could also get the six-speed manual transmission from those cars, in addition to the inevitable dual-clutch automatic.

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