2021 Skoda Scala and Kamiq delayed – UPDATE: Delay continues on Scala and Kamiq 110TSI

An electrical glitch has delayed the introduction of the all-new Skoda Scala and Kamiq in Australia.

UPDATE, December 2, 2020: Volkswagen Group Australia has confirmed this week that variants of the Kamiq, along with the full Scala range, are still awaiting the software update described in the story below.

The Kamiq 85TSI is on sale already, but, as noted in August, Monte Carlo and Limited Edition 110TSI deliveries remain on hold for the time-being. Likewise, the Scala is now expected to launch sometime in early 2021.

Mike Stevens

August 5, 2020: Skoda’s new Scala 110TSI hatch and Kamiq 110TSI SUV have been temporarily withheld from being delivered to customers in Australia due to an electrical bug with the fuel-saving stop/start system.

Stop/start technology turns the vehicle’s engine off while the vehicle is stopped at traffic lights, lowering emissions and fuel consumption. It automatically reactivates the engine once the driver releases the brake pedal. It’s a common feature on most modern cars.

However, Skoda has temporarily paused the rollout of its new models due to a minor glitch with the stop/start system.

A spokesperson for Skoda Australia told CarAdvice there is a chance the technology may not be activated when a vehicle is turned on, but says the issue only occurs sometimes.

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“This may result in the stop/start function being intermittently disabled – illuminating a warning on the instrument cluster,” the spokesperson said.

Skoda says the issue can be rectified by simply restarting the car.

“Even so, Skoda doesn’t believe this is satisfactory for customers and is withholding the cars from sale until this bug is ironed out.”

A fix is expected within a matter of weeks, at which point the cars will be ready to be delivered to customers.

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