2021 Lexus IS gets TRD, Modellista styling options

If the new-look Lexus IS isn’t mean enough for you, there’s now a range of sporty enhancements – although there’s no power boost, and probably no easy local availability.

As it often does, the unveiling of a new Lexus model has been followed by the availability of TRD and Modellista styling tweaks.

Regular readers will be familiar with this theme, and other recent styling ‘upgrades’ from the TRD and Modellista lines have included the new Yaris Cross, the RAV4, the C-HR and the Prius – among others.

Although we haven’t covered the Lexus end of the project as often on CarAdvice, a quick look at the Japanese-market Modellista and TRD websites will reveal a broad range of options for most Lexus models.

For the new-look 2021 Lexus IS – which is available to order now, see our pricing story here – Toyota’s styling houses have produced a new front lip, new skirts, a rear diffuser and new aero-inspired side mirror covers.

A sports exhaust package is also offered, along with new 20-inch forged aluminium wheels – making these the largest wheels available from factory for the new IS, with regular and F-Sport models limited to 19-inch designs.

The options are rounded out by a selection of underbody bracing pieces to deliver a stiffer chassis feel.

As with most TRD and Modellista items, these pieces are unlikely to be offered here in any official capacity – but just about anything is possible, these days.

Click any of the pics in this article to see the full gallery of options.

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